Here we go

The world is pretty much divided between the weak of mind and the strong-between those who can act and those who cannot, and it is the bounden duty of the capable to let no opportunity of being useful escape them.”

Jane Austen, Sanditon and Other Stories


I have been pretty busy during the day while the kids are at school and also at night while they are in bed.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year which has left me quite sedentary.  I have been doing some sweepstakes and also signing up for free samples.  I know that most people think that it is a waste of time, but in the month I have been doing it I have won 4 books from goodreads, a sample of Wedela body wash, and I got a free sample of Truvia.  I think that is pretty good for a month’s work.  It got me thinking that I could review these books or samples I receive and tell people about them.  I mean, what good would it do anyone to get awesome stuff, keep it all, and not tell anyone about it?  I have also started as a consultant for Arbonne and since I am still skeptical of their products I thought I would try those out as well and let you know how they have affected me before you try them on yourself.  So, keep an eye out for my blog posts and read along!


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