Nothing like a good book

“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

Ray Bradbury

Throughout all my sweeping, I found a great website that gave me the tools to finally be a winner.  You can find this site here.  I usually go to the part where they show you all the expiring sweepstakes and I hurry up and get my information in before the day is out.  Anyway, I have won 4 books so far just by entering the sweepstakes.  I wanted to talk about one book in particular today.  When I entered to win this book I didn’t think I would win it, but fortunately I did.  I felt that the author was kind enough to send me the book to review, so I had to read it.  You must be wondering, “WHAT BOOK IS IT?!?!”.  OKAY!  The book is called The Winter Bride, by Anne Gracie.  I had never read a romance book prior to this one and I was a bit worried that it would be x-rated.  I found out quite quickly that it was definitely not x-rated and it was very interesting.  It is a historical romance book and I normally read historical fiction(my favorite) so this wasn’t too far off from what I was already used to.  It read a bit like a Jane Austen novel, but with writing that we are used to in this day and age.  It takes place in the 1800’s and it is about a woman named Damaris whom was a woman scorned because of past events.  She meets a man who was as uninterested in her as she was him, but she was the only one to help him with his plan.  Now, I am not going to tell you the whole book because you should read it.  You must first start with The Autumn Bride though because it is the first in this particular series, but it won’t mess you up if you just want to read the second.  There will be a total of four books when this series is finished.  I seriously can’t wait to read the third and the second one has just come out.  I have a feeling I will be waiting for a long time for the next one.  Boo Hoo!  Anne Gracie has a lot of other books that I plan on reading as soon as I can.  I feel that reading is an extra special thing we get to do.  When you open a book you start an adventure into the mind of someone else.  It isn’t the same as watching a movie or tv show.  The book is yours.  It is your adventure to have.  Your adventure will be different than everyone elses which makes it that much more special.   Read one chapter of one book every day and I feel that it will for sure make your life better.   Books make everything better!